So, how ‘bout that election, folks?

I’ve been clear about my trepidation towards the President elect, and I’m sure my concerns are well-founded. Time will tell. But, for years I’ve also been warning anyone who will listen that the tactics the political left use are going to eventually cause a national meltdown – historically, they always have.

The left has kicked the dog for 30-years. It started in the late 80’s with banning of dodge ball, and ex-hippies winding up the ladders in the institutions of “higher” learning. We went from a morally correct message of “everyone has equal rights” to “white-cis-male-shut-your-mouth-it’s-all-your-fault-get-out-of-my-safe-space-give-me-a-coloring book!” The left has taken the proper position of “everyone should have their chance to prove themselves”, to the ridiculous “reduce all the requirements so those who can’t can.

They’ve co-opted the civil rights movement and turned it into reverse racism.  They’ve co-opted feminism and turned it into a venomous man-hating cult. They’ve interjected themselves into every facet of American life from education to business to the nuclear family and created a cluster of politically correct non-sense that has all but put us into vapor lock. Men are actually castigated for holding doors for women – and Lucifer help anyone who “assumes a gender pronoun!” People are automatically “racist” because of their skin color so their input is thus null and void. …Parents are now told that they have to respect the choice of anyone with a penis that decides to use the same bathroom as their daughter.

And these attacks are occurring on regular boring people that are just trying to navigate a rotten economy while the nation is at war. People who go to work every day, harm no one, and pay for all the left’s bright ideas!

My dear liberal readers, what in Hades did you think was going to happen?

Well, you didn’t “think”, you “believed.” Your arguments have been emotionally-based, not logically founded. Doomed to failure the same way you’ll hit the sidewalk with a splat if you fantasize you can fly.

Did you actually “believe” the majority of mainstream media could continue to lie and pretend to be “non-biased” while they obviously weren’t? Did you “believe” you could actually tell everyone to vote for a black man because he was black, and a woman because she was a woman, or we were “racist” or “sexist” if we didn’t, and no one would see the hypocrisy? Really? You can’t see how over-the-top wrong that is?

Do you really “believe” that if you scream louder it makes you right? If you repeat the lie to yourselves ad infinitum on Huffington Post it magically becomes fact?

Did you really believe none of us know the difference between legal and illegal? Or expect us to buy the twisted logic of distrust of a political ideology known as Islam (which condemns gays to death, promotes slavery, and treats women like cattle) as some sort of “human rights” violation?

How long were we supposed to let you belittle us and call us names? When you degrade working people, families, and taxpayers, who peacefully protest – no, seriously, that’s possible – the outrageous amounts of taxation and waste they are forced to pay, as “teabaggers”, you are not “clever”, you’re just setting yourself up for a future defeat.

[I’m talking to you, Bill Maher – and, while I have your attention, being the guy during a discussion who gets in the cleverest last words does not make you right, it just makes you clever. Which translates to: it’s not about truth or facts, it’s just all about YOU. But, I digress…]

What did you think was going to happen when one of your social justice warrior reporters spent a day calling every business she could till she found a lone, Christian-owned pizza parlor in nowhere Indiana so she could badger the female (FEMALE!) owner into admitting she wouldn’t cater a gay wedding, and inciting a social media frenzy that caused the business to close for a week due to death threats? Did you really believe none of us saw the evil in that – the lazy attack that it was? Did you think we forgot? No, we didn’t forget. And we didn’t forget the 1000’s of other attacks and insults perpetrated on other decent people, either.

Well, you may not have expected this, but as the saying goes, you had to expect something. Donald Trump is that “something.” …and, truth be told, few of us over here in Conservative/Libertarian-land are happy about him, either. But, what you fail to absorb is that he represented a last ditch attempt at correcting the petulant, child-like, ends justifies the means behavior the left has been foisting on us for decades.

This is not “whitelash, Van Jones – this has nothing to do with race, or gender, as you make your living perpetuating lies about. This has to do with a system that is so full of itself it believes its own intellectual diarrhea to the point of thinking it can insult and dismiss half of the people of the nation, and shit on their lives while rubbing it in their eyes. But you picked on the half that actually keeps the place running. Oops. You’ve pissed off the plumber – hope you know how to solder!

I’m not kidding myself that Trump will waive any magic wand and “fix” anything. After all, I’m not a child. All I’m looking at is at least two years that I don’t have to worry about my opinion resulting in the thought police crying “racist!” Well, they’ll still yell it, but they’ll be impotent. This is just a chance to breathe…even if it was just for a few hours last Wednesday morning. Yeah, that’s how much half of this nation has had it with you – we rolled the dice on Armageddon just to enjoy a few hours of control over our own lives, for once. We threw a monkey wrench in the gears for a single moment’s peace.

Of course, no one expected any of you to suddenly get religion and behave yourselves…no, 100’s of thousands of you are now throwing a collective temper tantrum in the streets because someone finally told you NO. My suggestion is that you all go home and start working on a better candidate to run next time. Work on cleaning up the DNC of its mafia-like controllers, and demand actual reporting from news sources rather than a rubber stamping of what makes you feel good – that’s what mature adults would do. But you won’t, will you? You’re going to keep greasing the wheels of the Trump train with your smug arrogance, and that’s going to result in a real spanking.

…and it’s not going to be good for anyone.

When lives start being lost because of your behavior, it’s going to get ugly fast. National Guard on the streets and curfews will simply add to the already shaky ground we’re all on. No one, especially me, wants a fight, but here’s one last thing you need to understand:

The people who voted against your agenda are the hard working, veteran, business owning, hunting and fishing, gun owning, strong silent types. They don’t whine when they don’t get their way, they don’t require “safe spaces”, and they don’t abide violence. If you want to fight, you will lose. You simply do not possess the mettle…or the metal.

On the other side of that, there is not a single person in the gun community that I know, and I know 1000’s, that want gays in camps, women denied the vote, or anyone enslaved. This “Trump is Hitler” rhetoric is beyond over-the-top fantasy.

But, since you’re probably having trouble sleeping, I’ll make you a promise. If anyone from the Trump administration tries to “final solution” any group of American citizens, I will personally place 300-grains of .338 Lapua Magnum in their brain-stem.

Boxcars and gas chambers will not happen on my watch.

And I can make that promise knowing it will never come to fruition – you’re all panicking over a narrative being pushed by the same media that colluded in cheating Sanders. Let that sink in…

None of us care if you’re gay, or what color anyone’s skin is – we just want to be left alone.

So, leave us alone.

All of our lives will be better if you did.