We are often asked for our recommendations on carry gear and accessories – below is a current list of what we consider serviceable for serious purposes, as of 4/19/19

We make nothing from any of these brands, nor do we “endorse” products. Our opinions can, and do change, on a regular basis, and what we find “good” today could be the opposite tomorrow.

This list does not represent all that is superior in our industry, only what we have had the chance to test at length and beat the snot out of. It’s what we’re confident works.

We will update as we know more about more.


Glock – Models 17, 19, 26, 30, 21, 42, 43
Smith & Wesson – M&P full size and compact. Shield, and Shield EZ, Bodyguard
Sig – 320, 365
Walther – PPQ
H&K – VP9
Kahr Arms – All 9mm versions of their handguns


Raven Concealment, VanGuard, Eidolon
Alessi Leather
Flashbang – Flashbang, Veronica
Blue Force Gear – Ultracomp (pocket holster)


Hoffners – folders and fixed blades
Spyderco – Delica (+ all folders with Wave feature)
Emerson – CQC10, LeGriffe (all folders with Wave feature)
Shivworks – Clinch Pick

AR15 – style rifles

Smith & Wesson M&P series, specifically the “MOE” version
Rock River
Daniel Defense

AR15 magazines


30-Carbine style rifles

Kahr Arms
Fulton Armory
Military surplus rifles manufactured by Inland that have NOT been re-imported into the US

FAL – style rifles


AK47-style rifles

Rifle Dynamics


Blue Force Gear, Vickers

Defensive Ammunition

Lehigh – Xtreme Defense
Corbon – DPX, Powerball
Winchester – Ranger, SXT
Federal – HST, Hydrashock
Super Vel – Hollow point and Solid Copper Hollow point [Super Vel ships direct from their website www.supervelammunition.com]


Firstlight – Tomahawk
Powertac E9, G4
Streamlight TLR-1 for long guns, 1L/1aa for low profile carry

Night sights for pistols

Truglo TFX Pro


Performance Systems – 6” Israeli Battle Dressing, 4” T3 Dressing, entire series of space blankets
North American Rescue – 3.25” decompression needle, Hyfin chest seals

Z-pack wound packing gauze – Chitogauze, Quickclot gauze
Tourniquets – CAT, SOFF-T, Torniqwik 4L

[Fortress has a signature line of medical kits and mass casualty kits available – contact us for details]

Gun cleaning/lubrication products

Hornaday One Shot
Frog Lube
…any motor oil or automatic transmission fluid

Gun belts

Aker Leather

Hearing Protection

Howard Leigh
3M Peltor


Wright Industries for coatings, like Mp3 and Poly-t2
Patriot Products CAT (Combat Optic Tool) for red dot/holographic sight adjustment

Ravelin Group
-Rotator targets
-Rifle Targets
-Ballistic backpack inserts
-Safe Direction ballistic containment products

D-Ring for AR15 Extractor – MGI