Having used a number of his holsters over the years it was a great honor to finally meet Brian Hoffner at this years SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV!

Brian is a 33-year veteran of the Huston PD with a vast amount of experience as a fighter and teacher. His products are designed for the realities he, and so many others, have faced in lethal force situations. Holsters are where he started, but he advanced with his American Tactical Apparel line of clothing, and his outstanding fixed and folding blade knives.

We focused on his blades this trip and secured copies of his CQB/CT folder, as well as the BEAST Extreme Responder Tool 


The CQB/CT is a 3.5″ blade, 4.6oz clip knife that allows for right or left side clip installation. It’s a 440 stainless steel blade, and it comes standard with Brian’s G10 “Grippy” handle divots. The divots in the grip allow for indexing of the thumb and index finger on the draw, and secure grip when deploying the knife in a point down hold. They also provide solid control when switching between point down and point forward grips.

The CQB/CT is the easiest opening I’ve ever experienced when using the inertia (sometimes referred to as “gravity drop”) opening technique. And rather than trying to explain what that is in print, I’ll let Brian do himself:

The folder comes standard with serrations on both ends of the body, providing compliance, less lethal, and glass breaking options.

I’m carrying it now and looking forward to seeing how it works for me!


The second blade we obtained is the Hoffner BEAST. The BEAST is a 7″ blade, 11 7/8″ long, tanto-style fixed blade knife that weighs just over a POUND. The top edge of the blade is 5/16″ wide, and when that flat edge is used as a hammer it can pulverize cinder block!


The BEAST handle is identical to all other Hoffner knives. Dimensions are exact and index divots come standard. Brian’s knife method is built on uniformity and promotes the same muscle memory regardless of which of his blades you’re deploying – He’s on our short list of Instructors to train with!

For most of us the BEAST is not going to be a daily carry knife, but it has great potential as an emergency knife for the car, cabin, or go bag. Breaking out side glass, trenching, prying, chopping – this thing just about indestructible!


281.855.8800 (M-F 9am-2pm)