“By Allah, I am willing to kill a billion infidels”  – Abdul Razak Ali Artan


Monday, 9:58am, a Somali refugee named Abdul Razak Ali Artan ran his car into students on the campus of Ohio State University. He immediately exited the vehicle and went to work stabbing at students with a butcher knife.

Officer Alan Horujko, of the Ohio State campus police, responded in under two minutes of the initial attack, and shot Abdul dead.

9 victims were sent to the hospital with injuries from the vehicle, and two others with knife wounds. None, at this point, are considered life threatening (one critical, but stable) which stands as testament to the amateurish skills of the attacker.

Ohio State University is a state mandated “gun free zone.”


Monday, 11:00am, an AT&T utility repair employee working in Berwyn, Illinois, was approached by an armed man who demanded his wallet. The employee turned over his wallet, and then attempted to run. He was shot in the back, and a witnesses in a passing vehicle was also shot at, and missed by, the offender. The victim is still hospitalized.

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​AT&T has an explicit “no weapons” policy for employees.


Monday I visited an outlet for a nationally known gym chain that offers 24-hour access to members. With Staff only present 8-hours a-day, building entry is made via key card. Cameras are installed throughout, but little could be done by anyone on the outside to stop a violent attacker in their tracks. However, recognizing the danger, the corporate office has made sure to install “panic buttons” at various intervals around the facility. A move designed to cover their asses legally should some 2nd shift nurse find herself beaten and raped during a 4am work out.



What is the common thread here? Simply put, we’re all on our own.

We can pretend that other people care about us, that the police will save us, or that “gun free zones” make us safe, but the bottom line will always be: No one cares more about your life than you do.

The wise will ignore the bleating drone of those who refuse to recognize the realities of this Earth. The wise will ignore the empty promises of “security” and “panic buttons” and “no weapons” policies. The wise will get trained and carry guns.


“We do not tolerate or permit threats, violence, or other disruptive behavior in our work environments.” – AT&T Code of Business Conduct, Page 3