DKX Armor SHOT Show 2015

SHOT Show is always a whirlwind of meetings and rushing from vendor to vendor – there’s never enough time to see everything or everyone you wish. However, we made a special point of making our way to the Phalanx/DKX Armor booth where friends Evan and Ganya Anderson (two of our most favorite people on the planet) were showing off their great […]

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Are You Listening?

Two weeks ago, a mile from where I grew up, an 85-year-old man was brutally murdered in his home. Rumor has it he was beaten and strangled; the official cause of death has yet to be announced. Signs are the bedroom was ransacked in what appears to be a burglary/murder. Time will tell.

A few years […]

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Secondary Guns

The subject of secondary, or “back-up”, guns has been debated ad nauseam, and I’d rather not beat that dead horse. But, I’m asked about it on a regular basis and I think I might be able to throw in a few thoughts that are often left out of the debate.

My approach here is not a […]

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